# Admin | Booking Panel

For a new deployment of Kahu Booking Panels there are several prerequisite tasks before they are ready to use. Once deployed there are several settings which can be changed if necessary. Kahu Room Booking must be setup before the Booking Panels can be used; check the Admin | Room Booking guide and the Admin | Site Setup - Room Booking guide for more information.

# Panel Requirements

To carry out a new deployment of Kahu Booking Panels there are some prerequisites, as follows:

  • One PoE+ network port for each panel
  • Confirmation of the time zone the panels will be used in
  • The preferred time format for meeting times, e.g. 24hr (13:04) or 12hr (1:04pm)
  • If Microsoft 365 integration is set up, then a resource mailbox email address for each room

# Settings

There are some options when using the Kahu Booking Panels which can be changed. Please contact the Kahu support desk if you wish to enable or modify either of these settings:

  • Auto Check Out: If a meeting is not checked in it is possible to cancel the meeting automatically and make the room available again. This is defined as a number of minutes after the meeting is scheduled to start; we usually recommend 15 minutes. This functionality can also be disabled.
  • Theming: As part of the site set-up a theme will have been created and assigned to the panels. It is possible to change this.