# Admin | Site Setup

For a new site to be added to your instance some information is required so that the site can be added to Kahu.

# Site Information

Information required about the site:

  • Site name (which will be displayed to the user, in the User App for example) e.g. Headquarters, Leeds Office
  • The time zone the site is in (from the time zone database)
  • Floor plan (PDF or similar vector format) of each floor at the site
  • If importing people from another system, a CSV or similar format of people

# Desk Booking

To enable desk booking at a site, the following extra information is required:

  • The number of desks on each floor
  • The format to use for the desk labels (e.g. D1.56)
  • The desk numbers should appear on the floor plans provided
  • If any desks are in neighbourhoods:
    • The name of each neighbourhood
    • The colour to use for each neighbourhood
    • The desks in each neighbourhood
  • If any kiosks are being installed:
    • The number of kiosks
    • The location of each kiosk
    • If any neighbourhood circles are required, the location of those circles should be marked on the floor plans provided
  • If any desks have special features which should be marked on the floor plan
    • The label to use for the feature (e.g. Dual Monitors, Desktop PC)
    • For each feature, the desks which have that feature
  • How far in advanced people are allowed to book (usually a week or two is suggested)
  • If desk booking email reminders should be enabled, and what time they are sent

# Room Booking

To enable room booking at a site, be sure to check out the Admin | Room Booking guide, and also provide the following information, for each room being setup:

  • The site the room is associated with
  • The name of the room (which will be displayed on the Booking Panel and other places)
  • Whether approval is required to book the room
  • The capacity of the room
  • If the room is part of a divisible room setup, then which room(s) it can join with
  • If Microsoft 365 integration is being used, the resource mailbox's user principle name